Sunday, January 24, 2010

Candor by Pam Bachorz

Oscar Banks lives in Candor. Candor is the brainchild of Oscar's father. Candor is the most perfect place to live. Families pay millions of dollars to live in Candor. Is Candor really all that perfect?

Oscar knows what Candor's secret is. The music that plays constantly has secret messages inbedded in it. This is how the town remains perfect. Parents bring their wayward children to Candor to make them become perfect children. Oscar is helping those children escape...for a price.

When Nia moves in Oscar and her quickly fall in love. Oscar's goal becomes saving Nia from becoming brainwashed by the secret messages before he has a chance to plan their escape. Will they escape Candor or will they succumb to the inbedded messages like everyone else?

I enjoyed Candor. I did have an issue with some language and sexual references. There were definate nail-biting scenes in the book that caused my heart to race and my fingers to want to turn the pages quicker. I would say this is definately a more mature-themed book.