Sunday, January 3, 2010

Living It Up To Live It Down by Ronica Stromberg

In Living It Up To Live It Down Kirsten Hart is starting Jr. High. Shaky in her newfound faith she prays that she will find a friend that shares her faith and can help her to grow in that faith.

On the first day of school Kirsten thinks that her prayers have been answered when she meets Sarah the daughter of a preacher. Surely Sarah will be as enthusiastic to learn about the Lord as Kirsten herself is.

It doesn’t take long for Kirsten to realize that Sarah is not living her life the way a Christian young lady should. Sarah is trying to shake the stigmatism of being a preacher’s daughter.

Will Kirsten’s newfound faith be shaken or will she be able to help Sarah to once again find happiness in the faith that she was raised in?

Once again Ronica Stromberg has captured what struggles Jr. High students face each day. Not just with social issues, but with faith issues as well. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next installment of Kirsten Hart’s life.

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