Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Angel A Novel by Jamie Carie

Elizabeth's birth mother was forced to give her up to an orphanage when Elizabeth was two. For almost 20 years her mother has been searching for her.

Elizabeth has gold fever. She is on her way to the Yukon to find her fortune. She is also running from a man who has already harmed her. In search of a man she was told would be a good guide Elizabeth gets lost in a snowstorm. She stumbles onto Noah's doorstep and by some miracle he is able to breathe life back into her.

Being chased by her past Elizabeth is forced to run away from the man that she loves. Noah is not about to let her go so easily so he follows her to the Yukon. The only problem is that he is not the only man following Elizabeth.

With much heart-stopping adventures and dangers Jamie Carie has woven a very captivating novel. I enjoyed this novel very much and find that it is very appropriate for Young Adults as well as Adult readers.

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