Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cup of Joe by Teri Wilson

Goldie's grandfather who has raised her from childhood has just passed away. This sends Goldie into a depression that she seems unable to get out of on her own. Joe owns the local coffee house and was a friend of her grandfathers.

Every morning Joe brings Goldie a cup of coffee to hopefully draw her out. She refuses to answer the door so Joe leaves the coffee on the doorstep. After several days of this Joe finally insists that Goldie open her door. Goldie lets Joe know that she does NOT like coffee. Not to be put off Joe has his employee(Cinnamon) make Goldie a special coffee drink that she can't possibly resist. When Joe takes it to Goldie the next morning he brings along his dog Java. Seeing that Java actually brings a smile to Goldie's lips Joe decides to bring her a dog. Goldie loves Bliss from the moment she sets eyes on her.

Once Goldie decides to move on with her life she also decides to leave out the most important person in her life~the Lord. Goldie is angry with the Lord but yet knows that eventually she is going to have to work out her relationship with Him. When will she be ready to have "The Talk" with the Lord? Will Goldie realize that she and Joe are meant for each other?

I thought this was a cute story. The relationship between Goldie and Joe was sweet. Their relationship with their dogs Java and Bliss was cute. One thing that bothered me was the authors changing of game show names. Name That Price and Judge Rudy for of course The Price is Right and Judge Judy. I didn't understand that part as she then used the actual name for a drama on TV.  A small thing, but it bothered me when I was reading it. For the most part I enjoyed Cup of Joe and would recommend it to anyone that likes clean romances and pet stories. As I was looking for a picture to post for this review I also found a picture of a gift basket that had the book and coffee with it that I thought was totally FUN! Check it out: I think it is a great marketing idea!


  1. This sounds like a cute book! What is the age level?

  2. GG, Hi! Cup of Joe is a very sweet, clean romance. It would be appropriate for any age.