Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Promise Box by Tricia Goyer

Lydia is returning to her Amish home in West Kootenai, Montana to mourn the passing of her mother. Lydia left the Amish way of life years before and has seldom returned. When she stops to take a picture of her family home she meets Gideon Hooley, a young bachelor there in the Kootenai for the hunting season. Gideon is not happy with some Englisher taking pictures of an Amish farm. When he finds out that Lydia is there for the funeral of her mother Mrs. Wyse he feels more sympathy for her. Both Lydia and Gideon feel an instant attraction for each other but both know that Gideon will never turn from his Amish way of life and it is very unlikely that Lydia will return to it.

Both Lydia and Gideon are hiding secrets. Lydia was adopted by the Wyse couple as a baby. When she found out the truth behind her birth she left the Amish and her adoptive parents behind. When she returns her father gives her a special box that Mrs. Wyse called her Promise Box. It contains many verses of scripture that inspired her throughout Lydia's life and many letters to Lydia. Reading the contents of the box helps heal Lydia's heart and she begins to hear God speaking to her heart wooing her back to her roots.

Gideon has been in the Kootenai many years before. As a child he was lost in the woods and the whole town was out looking for him. Gideon has always known that there was something else that went on that day when he was lost but his parents would never talk about it. Gideon has returned to find out the truth, but will he be able to forgive himself when he learns what his disobedience cost one family?

This is the second book in the Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series and is set in the same Amish/English community that the authors Big Sky series is set. We even got a little glimpse into Marianna Sommer the main character in the Big Sky series. I really liked The Promise Box. I loved the idea that Lydia's mother had written down all of her thoughts and feelings and scriptures that comforted her. Each letter and each verse seemed to be read at just the right time for Lydia to be wooed back to her Amish roots. The author shows us how God loves His children enough to send circumstances into their lives to bring about His perfect plan for them. I'm liking this community where the Amish and English grow in faith together. Now I need to go back and read The Memory Jar and look forward to reading The Kissing Bridge which comes out in April 2014.

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