Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Along Wooded Paths by Tricia Goyer(Big Sky Novel #2)

In the sequel to Beside Still Waters Marianna is still confused about her feelings for Ben. With Marianna being Amish and Ben being English a romantic relationship would not be allowed.

Aaron has tried to put Marianna out of his mind. He even tried to focus his attention on Naomi for a while. Being unable to forget Marianna he decides to travel to Montana and try and win her heart.

After an accident keeps Aaron in Montana and in Marianna's family home for weeks, Marianna becomes even more confused. How can she have feelings for both Ben and Aaron?

The community in which Marianna and her family are now living is a mixture of Amish and English. Whereas before in Indiana The Amish did not mix with the English here in Montana Marianna finds herself working for them and caring for them in a way she never thought possible. Marianna is also discovering a more personal relationship with the Lord and struggling to make that relationship mesh with the Amish way of life she has been taught since her birth.

I am thoroughly wrapped up in this series! At the end of Along Wooded Paths is a sample chapter for the next book in the series entitled Beyond Hopes Valley which just whetted my appetite and caused me to hope it will come out soon. But since Along Wooded Paths will not be released until October 2011, I doubt that my desire will be satisfied!

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