Friday, July 8, 2011

Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart by Beth Pattillo

Claire Prescott is in Oxford, England filling in for her sister at a Jane Austen seminar. Claire has taken care of her sister Missy since she(Claire) was 18 years old. Claire has put her life on hold in order to please the people around her. Her week at the seminar studying Pride and Prejudice causes Claire to reflect on where her life is going.

Claire has left her boyfriend Neil at home in America. Their relationship is casual and she feels neglected as his life is consumed by sports. The first day of the seminar Claire meets James a publisher in New York. Thinking to reinvent herself while she is in England she introduces herself as a pediatrician. James is aloof yet there is an attraction between them.

Claire meets Harriet a decidedly eccentric elderly woman. While having tea in her cottage Harriet brings out pages of a manuscript that she proclaims is the first manuscript of Pride and Prejudice entitled First Impressions. As Claire begins to read she finds that First Impressions is totally different from Pride and Prejudice. Harriet's dilemma is knowing what to do with the manuscript. Her daughter would love it for the monetary value of it. Mrs. Parrot wants it so that The Formidables may continue to preserve Jane Austen's request of her sister to burn any correspondence or manuscript that has not been published.

Claire finds that she is not the only one being deceptive while at the seminar. The question is will she be able to discover her own heart before it is too late.

This was another fun Austen-read by Beth Pattillo. I loved her other book Jane Austen Ruined My Life. She has a way of making her characters delve into self-examination and discovery without being boring or preachy.


  1. Hey Julie,

    I just borrowed Mr. Darcy Ruined My Life on kindle and I have to read it right away or I lose it. Do you mind if I send the Dashwood book next Saturday? I need another week to get through both of them, but it's definitely on its way to you when I'm finished!

  2. Any time Joy. I'm in no hurry. I have plenty to read :)