Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Peace on Earth by Mary Engelbreit

I give this 5 hearts for the illustrations. Anything by Mary Engelbreit is going to be detailed and beautiful and this book does not disappoint in that. I think my favorite picture in the whole book is the one entitled Peace on Earth with the picture of a lion holding a lamb and the lamb giving the lion a kiss. At the beginning of the book is a note from Mary Engelbreit stating that some of the stories collected in this book are some of her favorites. Along with the story of Jesus' birth from the Gospel of Luke there are several popular hymns sung at Christmas time, some children's poems, and a couple of stories telling of the miracle of Christmas.

As I said, I would give the illustrations 5 hearts, but the content I would probably give 4 hearts to. I think children will be entertained by the illustrations because of the details, but they may become bogged down in some of the stories. I can see my grand children sitting while I sing some of the songs to them, but I can also see them ready to move on to the next illustration while reading some of the stories. So maybe it isn't a book to sit down and read all at once, maybe pick out a story or song here and there during the Christmas season. I'm definitely looking forward to adding this to my Christmas book collection and sharing it with my grand children.

I received my copy for review from the publisher through Booksneeze. This is my honest opinion.

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