Monday, October 28, 2013

TBR Stacks~Do you have any?

I have to admit that TBR(To Be Read) stacks of books cause me great stress! Seriously! I'm the type of person that likes to complete a project before moving on to the next. As a reader/reviewer I have found that the TBR stack NEVER gets smaller! NEVER! This has really messed with my "finish the project" mentality over the years. Usually I end up going through my TBR stack and weeding out books once a year.

Here are a stack of books that I have really really wanted to read. Some have languished on the shelf for years, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them because I really want to read them!! I just somehow manage to find other books hot off the presses that I want to read more:

Here are my "next up" books to read:

They aren't in any particular order, I know Divergent comes first ;)...speaking of which, my daughter Joy just finished it. In one day!! She's been in a reading slump because of some rough hours at work(graveyard shift really sucks!), so she needed something to kick start her into reading again. Divergent did it! She's moved on to Insurgent now. I hope it is as good so she can move through that one as well. Anyway, after my current book(Beowulf by Ronie Kendig) I will pick something from this stack.I'm hoping to finish this stack before the end of the year.

Here are a couple of books that a friend loaned me. While I really love John Grisham books, admittedly I just don't have time for them now so they will probably go back to her unread. She keeps all of her books so someday maybe I will have a chance to borrow them again:

And lastly there is my Kindle. I can't even fathom how many books are currently on there waiting for me to delve into as it would make me hyperventilate!

So is there a solution for the TBR stack? I doubt it! As it is even with all of these books waiting for me(and a few more residing in my daughter's bedroom) I have 3 books on pre-order from Amazon!

How about you? Do you have a large TBR stack or a small TBR stack? How do you tackle that stack of books? How much time do you devote to reading a day? As much as you want or are you like me and wish there were more hours for reading? How many books have your read this year? Do you keep track? I like to keep track and challenge myself. This year I challenged myself to read 125 books. Unfortunately I'm not going to make that goal. Next year I will lower that expectation. Do you have responsibilities that take you away from doing the reading you would like to do? I have a hobby that takes my time, especially around this time of year. Check out My Other Pastime to see what, besides family, takes my time.


  1. Oh, no! You are not alone, Julie! I know just how you feel. I've finally got mine down to about three (which is a HUGE shock) and am super excited about it. ;)

    As much as I enjoy reading, I sort of stress myself out by agreeing to so many novels at once and it's silly. Here's hoping I learn how better to manage that reading material. Good luck with yours! At least you have some good ones in those piles.

    1. THREE?! Girl! I'm so jealous!! I keep telling myself to stay away from NetGalley but it is really hard to resist when I see a favorite author come up! Then I get too many at once and hence the pressure! I've unfortunately been having to tell some authors that have contacted me that I do not have time to read their book. That is sad, but it saves my sanity. And yes! I do have some good ones to read!

  2. I always have had this problem then these past two years I have really buckled down and two weeks ago I was actually able to have a couple days where I had absolutely no books in my TBR. It was awesome! Of course the next week I got seven review books but it was still nice to have those couple days!
    I don't really have a set amount of reading per day, sometimes I read a whole book and sometimes I don't read a page just depends on my mood and the book!
    I keep track of my reading with goodreads and my goal for this year was 200. I have read 192 so far this year so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to make my goal!
    Crocheting things for out craft bazaar and babysitting sometimes take away from my reading time but I can usually fit a decent amount in!
    It looks like you have some good reads waiting for you! I love the Veronica Roth books and the Cara Lynn James ones were enjoyable!
    I hope you are able to get a decent amount of these done and at least get close to your goal! Good luck!

    1. 192?! Wow! I'm impressed! I'll keep plugging along at my goal, but I too am crocheting. Not for a craft bazaar, but for Christmas. I'm feeling the crunch and have had to change my mind about some things I wanted to make. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! And wow, for having a clean TBR shelf for a few days!