Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek by Jane Myers Perrine

Gussie and Adam are finally engaged and the Widows are busy planning the wedding. But before the wedding can take place there needs to be an actual date set. In the meantime Adam’s sister Hannah comes to town. Hannah has been in Kenya and is worn out from all of her doctoring. Hannah has never been one that knows how to relate to others. When the Widows see her as a potential for their matchmaking skills Hannah’s social barrier goes up even more. Gabe has always found Hannah’s picture to be very attractive. He hardly recognizes the shell that Hannah has become. Still there is some spark between them that Gabe would love to explore. Gabe’s looks take Hannah’s breath away. No man has ever done that to her before. Hannah’s faith has been shaken, but in Butternut Creek she has been able to recover from her illness and rediscover her faith. Will Hannah also be able to discover love? If the Widows have their way the answer is YES! 

I really enjoyed this story! It was filled with humor and quaint small-town comfort. The Widows are quite the characters. Especially Miss Birdie, who as always is stubborn to a fault but cares deeply for those around her. I found Adam to be a very wise pastor when dealing with the Widows as well as caring deeply for his sister and those in his care. He and Gussie continue to grow in their love for one another in the midst of all of the Widows antics. I think they will make a great team as they care for the town of Butternut Creek. I look forward to the next installment in the series which I hope will find the Widows finding a mate for Mattie Patillo the young female pastor in town. 

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