Monday, November 11, 2013

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Beatrice is now 16 and must choose which faction she will be a part of. Will it be Abnegation where she was raised or will she forsake her family and turn to another faction. Each 16 year old is tested and told which faction best suits their personality, yet each person is able to choose for themselves where they will go. Beatrice's test results are inconclusive, but the person giving her the test warns her not to tell anyone as the results will surely lead to her death.

At the choosing ceremony Beatrice, now Tris, chooses the Dauntless faction. A group of people devoted to testing their fears. During the initiation Tris and the others that have chosen Dauntless are pushed to the limits. Only a certain number will get in. If a person doesn't make it then they will become factionless which means a life on the streets. Their instructor is Four and he answers to Eric. Four is not happy with what Dauntless is becoming. The initiations have become brutal contests among initiates. 

With the Erudite faction waging a smear campaign against the Abnegation faction, Tris and Four learn of a plan so evil that they both know they must somehow put a stop to it or many people will lose their lives. But will they succeed before the enemy catches them and labels them "Divergent" enemies of all factions?

My Thoughts:

Everyone kept telling me that I needed to read this book! Well everyone was right! I loved it! While I would never have chosen to be Dauntless I loved how Tris grew in that faction. Even though she is small she gained strength throughout the initiation period. Being Divergent helped, but still she is one strong and independent girl character. Loved the relationship that developed between her and Four. They complement each other, where he was weak in fighting some of his fears she was strong and where she was weak physically he helped her with his strength. One pet-peeve: **SPOILER ALERT**

It really gets old for me when the whole family unit is destroyed. So when Tris makes her decision to leave Abnegation she leaves her parents behind. Later on in the book they are conveniently killed off so now no more relationships for her to worry about. Well, except for her brother who is practically the same age. But it works for the book because they are considered adults at the age of 16. Why 16? I don't remember it ever saying. I think that is an awfully young age to make such a decision(which faction to choose). But fiction is fiction and so yes, I enjoyed the story very much and look forward to reading the other two books in the series soon.

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