Thursday, October 3, 2013

Special Edition Cover Reveal-Haunting Joy by Lena Goldfinch

About the Book

Joy’s new dress has a secret – one with a little supernatural history, one that’s a little more than she expected.
It all starts one ordinary afternoon, as seventeen-year-old Joy tries on some thrift-store clothes her grandmother gave her. The little white dress fits perfectly. Trouble is, now it won’t leave her alone. Soon Joy is swept up in an extraordinary journey to help a ghost complete some unfinished business. If only that didn’t involve Joy driving through dangerous intersections...or calling up her high-school crush, Nick...or getting stuck at a cemetery after dark.
Will Joy accept this ghostly challenge to be "more"? And just how far will she go to uncover the truth?
Light Paranormal Novella
 ~ Coming October 20, 2013


My Impressions: 

October is the perfect time to launch this book! Isn't October the month that is set aside for Ghosts and Goblins and everything spooky? I love the cover. The dress hanging there with the light giving it a bit of an "other-worldly" glow piques my interest. And while I am not a believer in Ghosts and Goblins I am definitely a fan of stories featuring Ghosts, Goblins and other Spooky Specters. AND I am a sucker for anything with the name JOY in the title as my youngest daughter is named Joy! With the flowers dotting the j and the i the font used for the title gives me the impression that the story is not scary, but maybe a bit more light-hearted. Having read Songstone by the same author I am looking forward to reading Haunting Joy

A Note About the Cover

The special edition (black and white) cover is for the paperback version of the book only, for some extra “spooky” fun. The purple and pink cover is for the e-book version.

Which cover do you prefer? The special edition(black and white) paperback cover or the purple and pink e-book version? I'm kind of torn as for the black and white edition I didn't fully see that the dress was hanging on a door with a latch. The door is more pronounced in the color photo. But in the black and white photo you get more of the affect of the light coming through the door and the dress...

About the Author/Cover Designer
Lena lives in a scenic small town in Massachusetts with her husband, two kids, and a very spoiled Black Lab. She writes fiction for young adults, mostly light fantasy with a healthy dose of "sigh-worthy" romance. You can visit her online at  

About the Blog Tour

Haunting Joy will be released October 20, 2013. To celebrate, there will be a blog tour October 22-31, complete with reviews, giveaways, and Halloween fun! Visit the blog tour page to keep up-to-date on the latest book and blog tour news, including information on how to purchase the special edition paperback when it’s available.

I will definitely be looking forward to reading Haunting Joy in October. How about you? Do you set aside October as the month to read Ghost/Scary Stories? 



  1. Aww, I love that you shared your thoughts on this, Julie! And how fun that your daughter's name is Joy! :)

    I think you'll like this one! I'm excited it's only the start for a new series - and the sequel promises to be great, too, judging by the excerpt at the end of HJ. :)

    I'm with you on the differences between these covers... The emphasis on the black and white one is super cool, but on its own it is harder to tell what's going on in the picture. The purple and pink gives a clearer feel to it. I think the purple and pink is more fitting and the black and white more fun, maybe? But both are great in combo. :)

    Thanks for posting, Julie!


  2. And I'm thinking the purple and pink one looks more flirty and youngish and the black and white one looks more "haunted" and "ghostly" I really like them both ;)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting Amber!

  3. Wow, thanks, Julie! You noticed all the little details I tried to put into projecting the right tone of the story -- right down to those dotted i's. :)

    I'd say the story has creepy-ish/spooky moments, but overall the tone is light and positive.

    Honestly, I'm torn on which cover I like better myself! LOL So far, on the local front, I can say the B&W cover has the most votes.

  4. Also, how fun that your daughter is named Joy too! *waves hi to Joy*

    PS I should possibly write a Christmas title too, since my Joy has a crush on high-school-cutie Nick. Nick & Joy. ;)

    1. haha! That would be the perfect Christmas story! St. Nick and Joy to the World...true love always! ha!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting and having me be a part of your cover reveal party! Looking forward to the blog tour!!