Friday, March 2, 2012

Beyond Hopes Valley by Tricia Goyer

Marianna is headed back to Indiana to be with her brother and his future wife, and to marry Aaron. She has convinced herself that he is the man she is supposed to marry. He is a good man and follows the ways of their Amish community; he has built her a home and promises her love and affection.

Marianna has changed though since she has lived among the Amish in Montana. She has learned more about a personal relationship with Jesus and how freeing that is. She has also learned how to live among the Englisch. When she returns to Indiana she once again feels the burden of being watched by her neighbors. She wants to be a good wife to Aaron, but she also cannot deny her growing relationship with the Lord. Another thing she cannot deny is her longing for Montana and one particular person-Ben.

Ben has gone on tour with his music. He’s not happy about once again being thrust into stardom with all of its temptations. He also is longing for Marianna, the girl that he wrote his number one song about. All over the country people are hearing his song to her; it is the highlight of each concert he performs. 

As Ben and Marianna are separated by many miles they both must learn to trust in the Lord more than they ever have before. Both must make life-changing decisions in order to follow what the Lord has revealed to each. 

I really enjoyed this last installment of the Big Sky series. Marianna has such a sweet spirit. She desires only to follow the Lord and do His will, which sometimes goes against all of the rules of the Amish community she was brought up in. I admired her ability to be sweet and stand firm in her convictions. 

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