Monday, March 26, 2012

Out of Sight Out of Time by Ally Carter

Cammie wakes up in a convent with no idea of how she got there. She is bruised and beat up. She believes that she is still on summer break but soon finds out that it is October. She has lost several months and has no idea of where those months were spent.

Upon returning to Gallagher School for Girls Cammie finds that her friends are angry at her. Cammie had left to protect them from The Circle that is after her. She also went to find out answers about her father. Her friends are angry that she left them behind and that she was caught and obviously tortured.

Cammie no longer feels like herself. She disappears in her thoughts for long periods of time. Desperate to remember what happened, but also afraid to find out, Cammie and her friends attempt to retrace her steps over the summer.

I love the Gallagher Girl books! It doesn't get much better than girl-kick-butt spies! This installment didn't leave me disappointed. More of the history between the Gallagher Girls School and The Circle is revealed. The friendship between Cammie and her friends is like a family. The suspense and action are worth the read! I'm disappointed that there will probably be a long wait for the next book in the series!

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