Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bleachers by John Grisham

I have never been disappointed in a John Grisham book. I was a bit leery of this one because I am used to the lawyer type books that Grisham normally writes. Bleachers is nothing like those.

Neely Crenshaw returns to his hometown along with the majority of other Spartan football players to await the death of their former coach. They gather on the bleachers reminiscing about their former football triumphs. Each player has a story about Coach Rake. There is a love/hate relationship that all of Rake's players had with him. Each of his "boys" remembers what a taskmaster Rake was on the practice field and how they hated him for his seeming coldness to them, but each of their lives has been defined by Coach Rake.

Bleachers is a quick and satisfying read. It had a lot of football lingo that I didn't understand, but there was no misunderstanding the need for closure and forgiveness that Neely finally receives at the end of Coach Rake's life.


  1. Would Cameron like this book or is it too advanced for him?

    1. It was an easy read, but probably still a bit too advanced for him. He should try some Chris Crutcher books, he writes some sports books. Also Matt Christopher writes sporty books for boys.