Thursday, March 1, 2012

Always the Designer Never the Bride by Sandra D. Bricker

Audrey has been designing wedding gowns since she was a young girl. She and her best friend Carly would then stage Ken and Barbie’s wedding. Now Audrey is an adult, she has moved to New York City hoping to build a name for her wedding gowns. Even though Carly has married the man of her dreams, due to his being deployed they didn’t have the wedding of Carly’s dreams. So now Carly is ready to have that beautiful dream wedding. She and her husband are renewing their vows at the Tanglewood Hotel and of course she has asked Audrey to design her dress.

When Audrey arrives at the Tanglewood her life dreams seem to be slipping away. She knows that when she returns to New York she will have to close her shop and search for work elsewhere. Audrey isn’t afraid of moving, after all she really doesn’t like New York, but she is afraid of what the future holds for her. When Audrey meets JR, brother to the groom, she is intrigued. He sports a tattoo and rides a Harley. JR can’t seem to keep his eyes off of Audrey.

When Audrey is asked to design a wedding gown for a plus-sized bride she sees it as her opportunity to once again make a name for herself. All of the sudden Audrey has more options than she ever thought possible. And where does that leave Audrey and JR? JR is a wanderer, never stays in one place very long, will Audrey be able to capture his heart and keep him with her?

I enjoyed Always the Designer Never the Bride very much. From grown up girl slumber parties, witty dialogue between Audrey and JR, heartache and happiness, romance and Harley’s, Always the Designer Never the Bride is a fun ride! And as in each of the other Emma Rae Creation books each chapter has a helpful hint with fashion tips and a couple of yummy recipes thrown in. And did I mention that JR rides a Harley *swoon*! 

I received my copy for review from Abingdon Press through NetGalley. Always the Designer Never the Bride will be released April 2, 2012.

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