Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wish You Were Eyre by Heather Vogel Frederick

This year the Mother-Daughter Book Club will be reading Jane Eyre. Not everything always goes smoothly for the girls, but they at least have their friends in the book club to help them through the storms of life. When Sophie Fairfax comes to live with the Wong's for a year jealousy flairs. The girls band together to pull off a prank that will put Sophie in her place, but will it backfire on them?

Emma is feeling that her boyfriend Stewart is paying too much attention to Sophie. When they both are enlisted to help Mrs. Wong campaign for mayor their time together is limited and both begin to feel the strain.

Jess has a sub in her calculus class who accuses her of cheating. At risk is her scholarship and her position as a soloist in her Madrigirls singing group.

Cassidy is not sure about her relationship with Zach. She likes him, in fact he is like her best friend, but she is not sure that she wants him as a boyfriend. As always Cassidy is the one to come up with the plan for Sophie's embarrassment.

Megan is feeling the most hurt by Sophie's arrival. Sophie seems to gain the attention of everyone she meets. Megan's mom and grandmother are among Sophie's fans. Even Megan's new kitten seems to like Sophie better than Megan! Megan is looking forward to her trip to Paris with Gigi. She can't wait to visit the fashion shows and see all of the sites of France.

Becca has been working at Gigi's tea house to help her family with their finances while her father is out of work. Becca wonders if there is a Mr. Rochester "out there" for her somewhere. 

I've come to love all of these girls! They and their mothers make me laugh. Sadly this is the last book in The Mother-Daughter Book Club series. I have to say that if it had to be the end of the series I am quite happy with the wrap-up. Although I was kind of hoping that the author would carry the series through the girls' senior year. But alas, that is not to be! I've enjoyed each book in the series. I have loved reading each girls story and how they have grown up throughout the series. I found the writing refreshing in each book without any need for adding sexual situations or language to taint the quality of the stories. I had borrowed the first few books from the library, but went ahead and bought all of them last year so that some day I can pass them on to my grand-daughters. The Mother-Daughter Book Club is one of my favorite series and I will miss them very much.

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