Saturday, November 3, 2012

Isle of Shadows by Tracy L. Higley

Tessa's life is not her own. She has been trained as a hetaera(a courtesan) and is now owned by Glaucus, a man that has made her life miserable for the past 10 years. But Tessa's life is about to be changed. When Glaucus is found dead Tessa allows her heart to hope for a brief moment that she will be free. Putting off the inevitable, Tessa persuades a young slave and Simeon, Glaucus's head servant to help her dispose of Glaucus's body. She also convinces them to keep Glaucus's death a secret until she can find a way to escape Rhodes and being owned by another man. 

Tessa has wrapped her emotions deep inside and become like a stone. Niko's and Simeon try to touch the heart of the woman they hope is still buried deep within. In the meantime someone is plotting an assassination to further his own political aspirations. Tessa is hoping to uncover the plot and still be able to free herself before Glaucus's death is discovered and she is handed over to the next highest bidder.

Isle of Shadows was formerly called Shadow of Colossus and is one of the Seven Wonders books. I really enjoyed reading Isle of Shadows. Set in a time period before Christ on the island of Rhodes where gods and goddesses are worshiped Tessa finds faith and hope in the One True God that her new-found Jewish friends share with her. A bit of romance, some suspense and a natural disaster make Isle of Shadows a very memorable read. I've read two other books in the Seven Wonders series:

Guardian of the Flame
Pompeii: City on Fire

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