Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Courting Cate by Leslie Gould

Cate lives in the Amish community of Lancaster. She works for her father's business and she loves to read. Cate has raised her sister Betsy from the day she was born and has sacrificed everything for her.  Cate's father wants to have grandchildren, he wants Cate to be married and settled well within the community. Cate has no prospects of a future marriage because of her sharp tongue and independent ways. The girls' father has decided that Betsy cannot go to any of the young adult activities unless Cate also goes with her. Betsy also cannot be courted until Cate is married.  Betsy has her heart set on Levi but their father's new edict may ruin her chances with him unless she can find a way to get Cate married soon.

Pete comes from New York. He is instantly attracted to Cate, but she keeps pushing him away with her distrust. Cate has been hurt by boys before and cannot understand how Pete could truly find her attractive.

Desperate to marry Levi, Betsy encourages and coerces Cate into allowing Pete to court her. When one misunderstanding after another occurs Betsy sees her chances of getting married soon dwindle away. In order to avert scandal and humiliation for her family Cate is forced into a marriage of convenience. Will Cate's heart soften or will she become an old shrew like she perceives her mother-in-law to be?

While it has been years since I have read Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew I definitely saw a comparison in Courting Cate.Jilted and gossiped about I could see how Cate's character could turn into a bitter and sharp-tongued woman. While I got frustrated at Cate's character several times(not willing to listen when a misunderstanding arose), I enjoyed watching her character develop into a more mature and softer human being. I'd definitely be willing to read another book in the series if one were to be written.

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