Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Making Waves by Lorna Seilstad

Marguerite Westing is being courted by one of the most boring men she has ever met. Roger Gordon is the man that her mother expects her to marry. But Marguerite has no desire to marry Roger. When her family go to vacation at Lake Manawa for the summer Marguerite hopes for a reprieve from Roger's attentions.

When Marguerite meets Trip Andrews and finds that he owns a sailboat she is determined to get a ride on it. When she and her father sail across the lake with Trip and his crew Marguerite is hooked. She loves to sail. One problem though, nobody will teach a woman how to sail. Marguerite comes up with a plan to learn by having her brother take lessons from Trip as she "supervises" the lessons. One problem though, she can't swim. Which happens to be one of the criteria Trip has for taking them out on his sailboat. Marguerite tells him she can, after all he didn't ask her how well she could swim.

The more time that Marguerite spends in Trips company the more she realizes that she cannot marry Roger. But when her father manages to gamble away their entire fortune Marguerite is forced to accept his proposal in order to save her family from ruin. Expecting her daddy to rescue her at any time Marguerite underestimates the lengths to which Roger will go to make her his own.

I really enjoyed Making Waves! Marguerite's character is very entertaining. She's full of adventure and lively and manages to get herself into all sorts of predicaments. Held back by the confines and restraints put on women in the 1800's, Marguerite is a trial to her poor mother who just wants to see her married well. It was fun to see how Marguerite would work around her next obstacle. A fun read and I am looking forward to continuing reading the next book in the Lake Manawa summers series.

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