Friday, November 23, 2012

The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen

Mr. Smallwood and his daughter Emma run a tutoring school for boys. Over the years Emma has taken over a lot of the teaching. When Emma's mother passes away her father goes into mourning and doesn't seem to be his old self. When he is offered a tutoring job for two boys he jumps at the chance for a change and to move on with his life. Emma is not very happy about the job as two of the older boys in the Weston family were students of theirs in former years. The oldest boy, Henry tormented Emma continuously.

When Mr. Smallwood and Emma arrive at the Weston estate they aren't greeted as expected guests. It isn't long before Emma is hearing strange noises in the night and secrets are abounding among the Weston family.

Emma is confused about her feelings toward the Weston men. Philip Weston is her friend. He was always nice to Emma when he was in school with her father. Henry Weston always teased Emma and played practical jokes on her. Emma expects Henry to still act as his old self. Especially when strange things start happening to Emma.  The more Emma gets to know the "new" Henry the more her feelings for him begin to change. Emma knows though that Mrs. Weston would never approve of her and Henry getting married. She insists that Henry and Philip and their two younger brothers marry more advantageously. When events occur that put Emma in danger she and her father return home and Emma resolves to forget her feelings for Henry.

The Tutor's Daughter reminded me a bit of a Gothic novel along the lines of Jane Eyre, with the big home and the mysterious noises in the part of the house nobody is allowed to visit, and the family secrets. I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more Julie Klassen novels. I liked the mystery and the romance in The Tutor's Daughter along with some suspense.

Available for purchase January 1, 2013. I received my copy for review from NetGalley and Baker Publishing Group. 

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