Sunday, November 13, 2011

Women of Faith Conference-Oklahoma City

Thanks to BookSneeze I received two free tickets to the Women of Faith conference in Oklahoma City this weekend. I was able to take my friend Gloria with me.

We had a wonderful time and were very blessed by all of the speakers! Friday morning was general seating so we sat fairly close to the stage. Our assigned seating was higher up, but still a great view of the stage. My pictures are from my phone so they aren't very good. We could see much better than the pictures show.

Our host was Lori Robertson who MC'd the weekend wonderfully. The worship team ladies were great. They were enthusiastic and energetic and got the crowd on their feet praising the Lord throughout the day. Our first speaker was Patsy Clairmont

She is a HOOT! If you have never heard her before you are really missing out on a wonderful treat. Patsy started out telling us she wanted us to remember 3 things:
1) Say YES to God
2) Thank You-be grateful
3) Have a pocketful of "Holy No's" to be dispensed at the right time, knowing when to say yes, and when to say no.

I loved this thought she shared: "You want to feel better about yourself? Do what you know you're supposed to do."

Patsy also spoke Friday evening. Here are a few quotes that touched me:
"We are not weird, we are unique and a limited edition"
"We don't have to be slapped around by our feelings"
"Step out of our emotions to do what is right and kind and good."

Patsy also shared Saturday morning. Patsy has a way of making you laugh and cry all at the same time. She shared about her son being so sick. Had us in tears over the situation, but in hysterics over her facial expressions and on-stage antics.

Andy Andrews also spoke a couple of times.

At first I was thinking Oh my goodness if this man doesn't stand still I'm going to go NUTS! But I got used to his speaking style and he had some very good things to share. While Andy was speaking I was watching the sign language interpreter. She was moving around just as much as he was! It was very entertaining to watch! I loved when Andy shared stories of he and his boys. I love to see and hear of a father that takes the time to invest himself in raising Godly, holy men of faith. A quote I wrote down that Andy said was

"Everything you do matters to all of us and for all time"

Lisa Whelchel from the 80's sitcom "The Facts of Life" spoke on friendship:

 I loved hearing her story of trying to find a friend. A couple of things she said
"Be who God made you to be"
"A real friend listens and receives you"

Brenda Warner shared her story with us. She was a single mom of 2 when she met her husband Curt Warner, a football player. Her son is special needs and she shared how Curt fell in love with her kids before he fell in love with her. She came on stage and said she couldn't sing and that the only talent she had was doing the splits! And WOW, she did the splits! And then brought her back leg up! I was impressed! She has had a lot of heartache in her life, but she has chosen to still follow Jesus. A couple of things that stuck with me:
"choose to have faith"
"Circumstances don't determine who you are"

Sandi Patty was also a speaker/singer.

She shared about struggling with her weight and why she has had such a struggle with it. She sang 2 very beautiful songs:
We Shall Behold Him, which she sang and signed. So beautiful!
Then she sang with her husband. I'm not sure of the title of the song, but it had the line "Let This Be Our Prayer" WOW WOW WOW! Amazing and beautiful! 

Marilyn Meberg shared about wanting "MORE" A couple of things that stood out for me:

"We were not created to be fully satisfied on this earth"
"He(God) wants us(His creation) to be fully satisfied in Him"
"Yearnings only satisfied with relationship with Him"
"Eternity=one day all yearnings will be satisfied"

Mandisa gave a concert on Friday evening. She has a lovely voice and I loved watching her sing and share about herself.

Deborah Joy Winans shared a couple of skits with us. She can sing and do drama! She just got engaged and so she shared that with us. Congratulations to her!

Amy Grant gave a concert Saturday afternoon. I love her song "Better Than A Hallelujah"

And since I am all about food in my life I can't not mention the box lunches:

This was Saturday's lunch. Sorry about the bite in the sandwich before I took the picture but I just couldn't wait! Friday afternoon our box lunch included a turkey sandwich, chips, apple and cookie. Saturday's lunch had a chicken breast(a real breast!) sandwich, orange, chips and rice crispy treat. Each box lunch also had a napkin, mint and wet wipe. OH, and water! They were both great lunches and very filling and nice that I didn't have to get lunch from a fast food vendor. I did indulge in a frozen yogurt! Obviously a lot of other women couldn't pass up the opportunity either because the yogurt vendors had the longest lines besides the restrooms! All leftover box lunches were taken to The City Rescue Mission.

I had a wonderful time this weekend! I was blessed! Each speaker shared from his/her heart. They shared their failings and their triumphs. We were able to connect with them each in a different way. Next years Oklahoma City Women of Faith will be held August 10th and 11th. My friend Gloria and I would love to go again! Thanks so much BookSneeze for providing free tickets to this event. And thanks to the Women of Faith speakers and entertainers!


  1. I feel like I was there...! Thanks for the greaty blog. Jackie Gilmore.....

  2. It was a great time, Julie. One other thing Patsy Clairmont said that stood out to me is, "God has designed you with a will that is stronger than emotions. Make decisions based on what you know you should do. God didn't design our emotions to think for us; emotions don't have brains."

  3. Awww, thanks mom! You let me tell you all about it last night on the phone and then you read all about it on my blog! You are such a great mom!

    Gloria: I liked that too, "emotions don't have brains" how true it is. Thanks for going with me, and then reading all about it!

  4. Glad to read all about it! Have never been. Maybe I'll go next year.

  5. Lois, it is such a great weekend and worth going to.

  6. How fun!! Ive heard great things about this conference. I just saw Beth Moore a few years ago, she was AMAZING!!!

    Glad you had a great time...:D And a good lunch!

  7. Thanks Tina! It was a great time! And so was the lunch *wink*

  8. Looks like such a great time, Julie! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hey Julie Jo!!! This is like being there! We had a little different mix of speakers here in Sac town. Congrats on the tickets~ Love you!