Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Guardian Duke by Jamie Carie-NetGalley

Alexandria Featherstone's parents are treasure hunters. They have been missing for almost a year. Alexandria does not know where they are. The King has declared them dead and has ordered a guardian to take over Alexandria's affairs.

Gabriel, Duke of St. Easton is notified that he is to be guardian to Alexandria. At the moment though he is suffering his own troubles. Mysteriously he has become deaf. Unwilling to show this malady to the aristocracy, fearing the gossips, he has attempted to maintain business as usual.

Alexandria is affronted when the Duke sends a letter that comes across a little high-handed for her taste. After several exchanges of letters Alexandria decides that she must go on her own to find her parents whom she has decided have not died but are waylaid somewhere. She manages to procure money from the Duke in order to finance her quest.

Gabriel decides he must go get Alexandria and bring her home with him in order to keep her safe. Little does he know that Alexandria has already begun her quest and is determined that he will not find her before she has successfully found her parents. Not only is Alexandria trying to keep ahead of Gabriel, but she is also trying to stay out of the hands of others trying to keep her from finding her parents.

Throughout their correspondence Gabriel and Alexandria have developed a sort of affection for each other. Alexandria is determined though to not be thwarted in her mission. Will Gabriel reach her before she disappears for good?

I have enjoyed most of Jamie Carie's books. This one was about the best that I have read! I loved it! There is a bit of romance, a bit of mystery, and a bit of adventure, all wrapped up into a delightful story. And who can resist that amazing cover? I do have to say about the ending ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Talk about an amazing cliff-hanger! This is a must-read!

I received my review copy from NetGalley and read it on my Kindle.


  1. I love Jamie Carie's work, too - and I think Snow Angel has been my favorite so far. :) I'm hoping to read this one sometime; it sounds great! Thanks for the review!


  2. If you get belong to NetGalley you can read it for free. I liked Snow Angel also.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading this book, especially after reading your review! February suddenly seems so far away. :)
    Amber - Snow Angel is my favorite of Jamie's books too! I loved the story and her details in describing beautiful.

  4. You won't be disappointed Cathy! I think that Jamie Carie improves her writing each time a new book comes out. I'm definitely a fan.

  5. The best Jamie Carie book you've read? I think I'll have to grab this one. I liked a few of hers.