Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last Breath by Rachel Caine

Once again something bad is happening in Morganville. Vampires are disappearing. Nobody knows where they are going once they disappear.

Michael and Eve are determined that they will be married even though Amelie refuses them permission to marry. Both human and vampires alike are against the union.

Amelie obviously knows what is happening in Morganville, but she refuses to share with Claire and her friends what is going on. Amelie is determined to get all of the vampires out of Morganville.

Unfortunately an evil more powerful than Claire and her friends have ever faced before has arrived in Morganville. When tragedy strikes none of them are prepared for what happens next.

At first I thought oh no, here we go again. Claire and her friends are once again fighting for their lives. But Rachel Caine has managed to bring a new twist to their fight for survival that has me once again sitting on the edge of my seat waiting breathlessly for the next book!


  1. Oh my, do I want to get involved in another vampire series? I've been resisting. Do you think this one is worth my time?