Wednesday, November 30, 2011

V is for Vengeance by Sue Grafton

Private Investigator Kinsey Millhone witnesses two women shoplifting in the local mall. One is caught, the other tries to run her down in the parking garage. The next thing Kinsey knows is that the woman that was caught has jumped off a local bridge. Kinsey is hired by the woman's fiance to find out what really happened. He does not believe that his fiance was suicidal. Kinsey is soon embroiled in a shoplifting ring with mob-like connections and also "dirty" cops.

Once again Sue Grafton has crafted a "fresh" and exciting Kinsey Millhone novel. I love Kinsey Millhone as a character. She is fun, witty and sassy. I noticed something different in this novel. Instead of the entire novel being written in Kinsey perspective Sue Grafton added a couple of chapters from a few other characters perspectives. It added a bit more dimension to the story and it was interesting. For the most part I enjoyed this latest installment of Kinsey Millhone's adventures. Kinsey has always had a "potty" mouth, but I noticed it a lot more in this novel. I don't know if the author sprinkled in more language or if I am just not remembering it from other novels. It does take Sue Grafton 2-3 years between novels so it could be I just don't remember. Four more novels to go in the alphabet! What will W bring us? W is for...

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