Friday, April 15, 2011

Save The Date by Jenny B. Jones

Lucy Wiltshire runs Saving Grace, a home for girls who have nowhere else to go. Saving Grace is losing it's biggest supporter due to budget cuts. Lucy will do anything to be able to keep a roof over the girls' head.

Alex Sinclair is running for a seat in Congress. Unfortunately he is behind in the polls and in need of something that will boost his ratings. When he and Lucy's paths cross sparks begin to fly.

Lucy cannot stand Alex. They went to school together and Alex never paid attention to Lucy. After all she was a charity case who's mom cleaned homes. Alex was always surrounded by any girl he wanted.

When Alex proposes that they help each other by entering into a sham engagement Lucy is loathe to accept him. But when Alex offers to give the money needed to keep Saving Grace open if Lucy agrees to the plan she cannot turn him down. What she doesn't count on is falling in love with Alex. But will Alex ruin everything by his drive to win the election and push everyone that cares for him away?

I loved the characters of Clare and Julian! Clare had fired Lucy's mother years before and blacklisted her. She has a secret she must reveal to Lucy that will change Lucy's life forever. Julian is Clare's sassy male assistant. These two provide some great comic moments in the story. They are growing in their new faith in the Lord and become wonderful friends to Lucy.

This was a fast read that has humor and yet also deals with serious issues of self-acceptance, forgiveness and love. I enjoyed it very much.

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  1. Clare and Julian were two of my favorites also. Funny, funny, funny!