Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Daddy Dates by Greg Wright


In Greg Wright's book Daddy Dates he shares with the reader his insights into dating his 4 daughters. Having 4 daughters made him realize that he wanted to be involved in their lives and invest in their lives. He came up with the concept of dating his daughters and has shared in his book how a Dad can go about doing that.

Getting to know each daughter's personality and likes and dislikes has helped him establish meaningful relationships with each one of his daughters.

My favorite chapter was "Lucky Number 13" where he took each daughter on a big date when she turned 13. He made it a very special get all dressed up kind of date. He shared with her about what is on boys' minds. He talked about how valuable a person she is. He explained the family principle of not dating until college. He also explained about the intimacy of sexual relationships and why it is best to wait for the "I Do". He then presented them with a special ring to wear on their left hand until the time that a young man will put his own ring on her finger.

A great book for any dad that has daughters to read! Greg Wright's daughters are lucky girls to have such a Daddy!

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