Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mystery by Jonathan Kellerman

Jonathan Kellerman has a way of sucking a reader into his stories. Mystery is no exception. I love his character Alex Delaware. This was a fast-paced read that kept my attention until the very end. Was I surprised by the ending? No, I pretty much figured out "who dunnit" by then, but it was still an entertaining read. One thing I did not like was that this installment of an Alex Delaware novel seemed to be sprinkled with a lot of the f-word. Either I have forgotten or this is something new that Jonathan Kellerman is trying, but I don't remember so much of that word in his other novels. Also he seemed to be flirting with a bit more graphic sex scenes. I am hoping that because of the nature of the characters in the story this is the reason for those 2 things and not something that Mr. Kellerman intends to make prevalent in other books that he writes. If you have read other Alex Delaware novels by Jonathan Kellerman Mystery will not disappoint you!

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