Sunday, April 24, 2011

Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

Valerie lives in a village that offers monthly offerings to the Wolf in order to keep the Big Bad Wolf from killing everyone in the village. Unfortunately this month the Wolf has killed Valerie's sister.

Valerie is in love with Peter, a boy that she grew up with. Peter has been gone from the village for years but has returned. Unfortunately Valerie's parents have betrothed her to Henry. Henry's family is well-off and Henry will make a good match for Valerie.

Now that the wolf has invaded the village a priest is called in to help them find out who the wolf is. He informs them that the Wolf is someone among them. A witch hunt ensues with people accusing each other of being the wolf. Valerie's best friend accuses her of being a witch because Valerie can somehow communicate with the Wolf. Valerie is offered as the next sacrifice for the wolf. Can Henry and Peter who both love Valerie unite to save her? And how can Valerie trust anyone around her?

I imagine that almost everyone has heard of this book and movie. I enjoyed both equally since the movie pretty much follows the book. One thing that is a bit frustrating is that the last chapter of the book has to be read online. The author didn't want to give away the ending until after the movie came out I guess.

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