Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Passion Denied by Julie Lessman

John Brady has always thought of Elizabeth O’Connor as a little sister. He knew that she has always had a crush on him, but he never thought of her “in that way” before. Now his “little buddy” has grown into a beautiful young woman. She has become “Lizzie” to all of her friends and family, but to Brady she will always be Beth.

When Lizzie enlists the help of her sisters Charity and Faith to help her gain his attention, Brady is forced to confront the feelings he has for her. Knowing that he can never act on those feelings, because of his past, Brady denies the love that he feels for her. But when his past shows up to haunt him Brady may lose not just his best friend, but also the love of his life. 

A Passion Denied is the 3rd and last book in The Daughters of Boston series. I really like Brady’s character. He is a man of God, but struggles with the idea of God forgiving him for his past. It is easy for him to touch others lives and bring them to Christ, but his hardest struggle is with forgiving himself. I loved the way his life touched others, and others were used to touch him, especially his priest friend Father Mac. As with all of Julie Lessman’s stories A Passion Denied stressed me out! Julie assures her readers that all of her books have a “happy ending,” but it’s the getting to that happily ever after that stresses me! Her characters take twists and turns down dark paths on their journey to faith and trust in the ultimate lover of their souls. Another thing I loved about A Passion Denied was not just the love story of Lizzie and Brady, but that we also got to revisit Charity and Mitch and Faith and Collin as well as Patrick and Marcy. Each marriage filled with the passions and struggles of married couples learning to live with each other and growing in the faith that sustains each individual. The next chapter of the O’Connor family begins with A Hope Undaunted. Little Katie Rose is all grown up and giving the men in her life fits! Having read The Winds of Change series first you can check out my reviews:

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  1. Glad you loved the book! :) I'm planning on reading A Hope Undaunted this week (hoping I'll be able to).


    1. You'll love it Melanie! Thanks for stopping by!