Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kiss of Death by Debbie Viguie

Raphael and his sire Gabriel must go on the hunt for Richelieu and his army of vampires. Richelieu is searching for any artifact that may have the blood of Christ on it. The blood of Christ will give him power to win the coming battle. Raphael and Gabriel must stop him before it is too late.

Meanwhile Wendy has returned to Prague from America. She and Susan are staying in Prague to help David recuperate from his last encounter with vampires. Gabriel has given Wendy and Susan their great great etc.  ancestor Carissa’s diary. While waiting for Gabriel and Raphael to return, Wendy translates it from French. Written in the twelfth century the diary tells of heartbreak and betrayal. Carissa’s story is of how the vampires came to be connected to Susan and Wendy’s family. 

Throughout the story Susan and Raphael are separated so there isn’t much romance between them like in the first book. The part of the story that interested me the most was the excerpts from Carissa’s diary telling of her life and how her family became connected to the vampire world. As in Kiss of Night where all of the chapters began with a verse of scripture about blood, Kiss of Death began each chapter with a verse on death. I found that the transitions from the present with Susan and Raphael to the past with Carissa and her vampire were done seamlessly. There were lots of tense moments in both the present and the past that kept me turning the pages. I don’t know when the next book Kiss of Revenge comes out, but I must get my hands on it! The Kiss novels are marketed as Christian vampire stories; I will let someone far more adept at argument than I tackle that aspect of the books. The need for redemption could apply to any person, the characters in need of redemption in the Kiss novels just happen to be vampires. 

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Thank you to FaithWords for my copy of Kiss of Death for review. 

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