Monday, October 15, 2012

Double Blind by Brandilyn Collins

Lisa Newberry has spiraled into a depression that she cannot get out of. She has suffered multiple miscarriages and now her husband has passed away. She despairs of ever being normal again. When given the opportunity to participate in a new Empowerment Chip trial Lisa sees this as a way out of her depression. Cognoscenti is testing their new chip that promises to relieve patients of depression.  

The study is a blind study in that the patient and the doctors do not know whether the chip that is being placed in the brain is a placebo or an actual Empowerment Chip. When Lisa wakes up from surgery she is sure that she received the actual Empowerment Chip as she feels better than she has in months. She feels lighter and it seems the depression is gone. Before Lisa even leaves the hospital she starts having visions of a murder taking place. Convinced she is going crazy Lisa goes to Cognoscenti to insist that they remove the chip from her brain. 

Cognoscenti denies that the chip in Lisa’s brain is defective and insist that she needs psychological counseling. Lisa continues to have more detailed visions of the murder and sets out to find the woman murdered and to find the killer. But the murderer does not want to be found and takes steps to warn Lisa to stop her search.

I’m a huge fan of suspense and psychological thrillers! I enjoyed Double Blind very much. The story never seemed to lag and each page kept me turning until the very end. The outcome was a surprise to me and didn’t seem predictable. I’m truly a fan of Brandilyn Collins!

I received my copy of Double Blind from NetGalley. 


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