Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Passion Redeemed by Julie Lessman

Charity O'Connor has decided that Mitch Dennehey is the only man for her. He stirs her passion and she stirs his. But Mitch is still in love with Charity's sister Faith. He wants nothing to do with Charity knowing in his heart that he could never trust her. Mitch sets out to forget both O'Connor women and court Kathleen, one of the sweetest women he knows next to Faith. She has always loved him and Mitch knows that given time he will come to love her as well.

Charity hatches a plan with Mitch's enemy Rigan in order to make Mitch jealous. Mitch warns Charity to stay away from Rigan, but wounded by Mitch's rejection Charity runs right into the arms of danger.

Afraid for Charity's safety Mitch agrees to take her home to Boston and her family. Mitch once again struggles with his attraction to this woman who stirs his passions with both anger and lust. Charity is determined to use every means possible to get Mitch to marry her even if she has to lie and use her feminine allure to get him.

The second book in The Daughters of Boston series focuses mainly on Charity although we do get a glimpse of the rest of the O'Connor family throughout. I struggled in A Passion Most Pure to figure out what drove Charity to be the way she was. In A Passion Redeemed we learn more of her background and what events led to her insecurities and need for attention. Charity is definitely a picture of a wounded soul in need of redemption. I came to understand her character better and even came to like her!  Julie Lessman has a way of drawing the reader into her stories. I found myself experiencing all kinds of emotions as I read A Passion Redeemed. I would get angry and exasperated at Charity and Mitch. I found myself getting teary at a tender moment of forgiveness and love displayed. And of course enough romance to make your heart melt! Looking forward to the next book A Passion Denied.


  1. BLESS YOU, Julie, for ANOTHER fabulous review!!! Let me know where you post this, my friend, so I can give you all the entries in the contest, okay?


  2. I loved this book, but my favorite of the series is the next book, A Passion Denied! So glad you enjoyed this book. :)

    1. Hey Melanie! I'm right in the middle of A Passion Denied. I'm really liking it! Looking forward to seeing how you like the next part of the series The Winds of Change books. :) Thanks for stopping by!