Friday, June 15, 2012

Gone to Ground by Brandilyn Collins

A serial killer is on the loose in Amaryllis and 3 women think they know who that killer is; the only problem is that each one thinks it is a different person. Five women have been killed by the person the papers have named “The Closet Killer.” There is no motive for the killings until the most recent, which is the one that causes Cherry Mae, Deena, and Tully all to suspect different men.

Cherry Mae has cleaned houses in Amaryllis for years. This is the first time that she has ever snooped, and what she finds sends terror through her old bones.

Everyone knows that Deena’s brother isn’t right in his head and has a problem with his temper. When the police arrest him Deena is determined to find out what actually happened even though she is afraid that what they claim is true.

Tully married her husband Mike right out of high school much to her parent’s disappointment. Now pregnant and facing the fact that Mike may have been having an affair Tully doesn’t know where to turn when Mike comes home with a different uniform on and blood is left on the doorknob of their home. 

The three women band together to compare notes and hopefully find which one of their 3 suspects is the Closet Killer.

Gone To Ground was a great suspense that kept me turning the pages until the very end. I didn’t know “whodunit” until the very end and found the wrap-up extremely satisfying. I also liked how each of the women had a "voice" in the story. Chapters alternated between each one of their point of views. 

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