Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crimson Roses by Grace Livingston Hill

This is one of my favorite Grace Livingston Hill books. I've had it for years and years. It was originally published in 1928 and has been published several times since then.


Marion Warren is a shy girl who just lost her father whom she has taken care of for several years. No will to be found, her brother decides to sell the family home and move them all to the country. Marion's dream has always been to continue her education and she knows she will not be able to do that if she lives in the country. She sets out to find a job and a room for herself. She is willing to give up her share of the inheritance in order to fulfill this dream. Marion is able to scrape together enough money to buy her first season concert ticket. On her first night to attend she finds a single crimson rose in her chair. It is so beautiful she is sure that someone has accidentally left it in her chair and will be back to claim it. In the meantime she enjoys it's fragrance throughout the concert. When nobody comes to claim the rose she is content to take it home and dream about the giver(perhaps an older woman who somehow knew that this lonely girl needed something beautiful in her life). Each night throughout the season that she is at a concert there is a single crimson rose in her seat. They are the highlight of her lonely life. Marion's co-workers soon find out what a sweet and generous girl she is. Jefferey Lyman a wealthy young man soon spots her at a church function and is fascinated by her character. She is unlike any girl he has ever known. Unfortunately there is always a villain(or villainess in this case) who has to intrude and make life miserable for the poor trod upon girl. Isabel has her eyes set on Jefferey. When she notices that he is interested in Marion she goes to great lengths to eliminate the competition.

My Thoughts:

Grace Livingston Hill writes such great romance novels where the characters are always so innocent and naive'. Written in a time when chivalry was still expected of a suitor GLH still manages to show the seemly side of people's behavior and how pure love and faith can conquer all. I've been a fan since I was a teenager and after re-reading Crimson Roses I find that I still envy the innocence of GLH's heroines.

Favorite Quote from the book: "To handle books! To know them as if they were people, acquaintances! To be among them all day long! What joy that would be!" (pg. 34 Crimson Roses by Grace Livingston Hill)

I'll be adding this book to my Contentment Reading Challenge:

I challenged myself to the Wading level of this challenge which was to re-read 10 books on my shelves. This will be my 9th book. One more to go and I will have finished the challenge. I may exceed my goal this year!

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