Sunday, April 11, 2010

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater


Before Beck turned into a wolf forever he made some new wolves. One of those wolves is Cole. Cole was the lead singer for a huge rock band. He was burned out and wanted out. He thought being a wolf would keep him from thinking about what a poor excuse for a human he was.

Sam no longer has to worry about turning into a wolf. They found the "cure" for him. But it is now his responsibility to take care of the other wolves that show up at Beck's house. His girlfriend Grace was bitten many years before but has never turned into a wolf. They thought she was immune. Unfortunately that is not the case.

Shortly after the story opens Sam is caught in Grace's bed by her parents. He and she are forbidden to see each other. Having been absentee parents for all of Grace's growing up years Grace is not about to bow to their authority now. She refuses to be separated from Sam.

Something is happening inside of Grace's body that has her too scared to tell Sam. Sam knows something is going on, he can smell the faint wolf smell coming off of Grace's body. Neither one of them want to admit though that Grace may soon be out wandering the forest with the rest of the wolves.

Cole can't figure out why he can't stay a wolf longer. His friend Victor can't seem to stop changing at all. Grace was bitten years ago and just now the symptoms of transforming to a wolf are manifesting. Everyone thinks Sam has been cured. 

 Unfortunately we won't find out the answers to any of these problems until the 3rd book. And since this is an Advanced Copy I don't see the 3rd one being available for a long while. I hate being left hanging!

Obviously this wasn't my favorite between Shiver and Linger. But I still am caught up in the love story between Sam and Grace. I am still wrapped up in all the emotions of the characters. And I can't wait for the 3rd book to be available as an ARC or purchased copy. Please hurry Ms. Stiefvater!


  1. im sorry but what i don't understand is how the person who made this page knows all of this information when the 2nd one hasn't even come out yet.....So i don't know. please E-mail me back.


  2. The book Linger is an ARC(Advanced Reading Copy) that a library friend of mine got me at a conference that she went to. The book actually goes on sale in July I believe.

  3. I was able to pick up a copy of LINGER at NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English).

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