Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender

So I haven't ever done this before...changed my rating.  At first I gave Bad Girls don't die 4 hearts. But the more I talked about it with a friend the more excited I got about it. And then she asked me why I gave it only 4 hearts. Well, my 4 hearts says that I really like it, not just "like it"  but then that got me to thinking if talking about it brings tingles to my spine then that is a 5 heart worthy book. AND, it is my blog so I can change my mind if I want! So there...And another thing, I don't recall any cussing or sexual situations or inuendo's in the story so the author didn't have to use those avenue's as a draw to the reader. I still say a GREAT read!

Do you believe in ghosts or demon possession? Alexis didn't until her sister Kasey started acting strange.

Kasey is Alexis's younger sister. She collects dolls which Alexis thinks is strange, but nothing evil involved with it. When Alexis starts hearing strange noises, doors slamming for no apparent reason, Kasey seeming to forget chunks of time, and other strange events she at first denies that anything is wrong. But the evil soon escalates.

Something evil seems to have taken over Kasey. Alexis doesn't know where to turn. An unlikely helper turns up in the form of her nemesis Megan, a cheerleader. Will they be able to find a way to rescue Kasey from this possession?

Wow! This book was creepy, and scary, and GREAT! A must read!


  1. Hey, Julie! I'm so glad you liked Bad Girls Don't Die! Thanks for the review. :-)