Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bliss by Lauren Myracle


Bliss is the offspring of hippie parents. They have gone off to Canada to dodge the draft. Bliss is living with her grandmother. She will be attending Crestview Academy. Having recently been living in a commune Bliss is unaware of how normal teens act.

Being assigned a student mentor that blows her off she becomes friends with another set of girls that all seem to be enthralled with the girl who was supposed to mentor her. Being kind-hearted Bliss is very disturbed when she sees a girl named Sandy being treated badly because she is "different" from the other girls. Deciding that she is not going to be like that she befriends Sandy.

From her first day Bliss feels an undercurrent of evil in the school. She hears a voice in her head. She learns about the "ghost" of a girl who killed herself. She feels that every time she goes by Hamilton Hall she hears the voice of this girl. She tries to block her out.

It doesn't take long for Bliss to realize that there is something  not right about Sandy. She senses an underlying evil in her and tries to avoid her. Sandy is very much interested in things of the occult. Everything comes unravelled at the Winter Dance, and a horrible event changes everything.

I have to admit I was really liking this book until the end. It was a fast read interspersed with quotes from The Andy Griffith Show and some Manson trial transcripts which were very interesting. I felt like the scary part of the book was building and building and then I was just disappointed. And maybe this is my fault, but I just wasn't "getting" the end of the book. Seems like things were just left hanging and unresolved. Did Evil win?

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