Monday, June 6, 2016

The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder by Rachel McMillan

Merinda Herringford and Jemima Watts make up the detective team of Herringford and Watts. Two single women determined to make a difference for women's rights in a time when the suffragist movement was just getting started.

Merinda seems to be the one that gets the two into trouble. Jemima is kind of just pulled along. Not that she minds, but dressing up like a man to get information they need goes against the way Jemima was raised.

When a young woman is found murdered at the local theater Herringford and Watts are on the spot. With the Morality Squad combing the streets for women breaking the rules Merinda and Jemima employ their ability to dress like men in order to help local police investigate the poor girls murder. As they come closer to finding the killer the two also find themselves and their friends in danger. Will the two men in their lives, Jasper who is with the police and Ray who is a local newspaperman, be able to keep track of the girls in order to keep them out of trouble?

I enjoyed The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder very much! While it wasn't "on the edge of your seat" full of mystery, there was some action and tense moments for the women. I really liked the characters as well. Especially the men. I liked Ray and Jem's relationship even though at times it was a bit muddled. I'll be looking forward to reading what antics Herringford and Watts are up to next.


  1. Yay, Julie! I'm glad you enjoyed this book. It truly is wonderful! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Miranda...and yes, it is hard not to type Merinda! Ha!