Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kiss The Bride

Picture Perfect Love by Melissa McClone

Jenna Harrison is a wedding photographer that was dumped at the altar by Ashton Vance 2 years ago. Now Ashton’s sister wants Jenna to photograph her wedding and nobody ever tells her no.

Ash’s sister Amber ruined Jenna’s chances of marrying him when Amber posted pictures that ruined Ash’s chance in running for political office and let Jenna take the blame. Jenna has spent 2 years trying to forgive Ash for not believing that she had nothing to do with posting the pictures and for leaving her to pay for all of the wedding expenses. 

Ash now realizes his mistake and has come to apologize to Jenna and to see if he can get her to photograph Amber’s wedding. Jenna has no desire to be around the Vance family again, but the prospect of paying off her debts, truly forgiving Ash, and moving on with her life has her taking the job. Can Ash and Jenna be just friends, or are their hearts destined to be joined together?

I thought Picture Perfect Love was a sweet romance. I liked the characters and the theme of forgiveness that ran through the story. I liked that Jenna had used the 2 years after Ash dumped her to move on. Joining a new church, solidifying her relationship with the Lord, making new friends all made Jenna a stronger person than she was before. I enjoyed this story very much.

I Hope You Dance by Robin Lee Hatcher

Skye Foster is a dance instructor/barrel racer that has a dream of having a big family of her own someday.

Grant Nichols, former bad boy turned good is in need of dance instructions for a friend’s wedding. Grant has no desire to have children. Coming from a large family he has made up his mind that isn’t for him.

Grant and Skye instantly hit it off; it seems that they are the perfect match for each other. What happens when they find out that their dreams are not in sync with each other?

If you are a fan of love-at-first-sight stories then this will be perfect for you. I really liked Skye and Grant. While I like attraction at first sight I think I prefer a little more story before the couple jumps right to love. Being a short story there isn’t the luxury of developing the relationship in a leisurely manner. Even though the romance was a bit rushed I did find Grant and Skye’s relationship to be believable and sweet.

Love On A Deadline by Kathryn Springer

Mackenzie Davis has returned to her hometown to take care of her father after he had a heart attack. Working for the local newspaper, Mac is hoping to cover more important stories than what she has so far been given. Unfortunately the big story she is given is Hollis Channing’s upcoming wedding to actor Connor Blake. Hollis was Mac’s next door neighbor, and cheerleader for the high school football team. Hollis never gave Mac the time of day. Mac has always had a crush on Hollis’s brother Ethan, star Quarter Back to the high school football team, and as far as Mac remembers had no idea she even existed. When Ethan shows up to help clean up the Channing grounds for the wedding, Mac is once again reminded of why she had a crush on him all those years before.

I loved this story! There is something about the hometown hero coming back to town and noticing the awkward coach’s daughter has grown up and become a beautiful and desirable young woman. And there is also something to be said about a life that is changed when they yield themselves to the Lord. This is one of those stories that I would have liked to have been longer than a short story.

Kiss The Bride was an enjoyable read with 3 sweet stories that kept me entertained and satisfied my Happily Ever After sweet tooth! 

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