Thursday, June 9, 2016

Anne of Green Gables Read Along Chapters 4-12

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Here are this week's discussion questions:

1: In these chapters, we see more of Marilla Cuthbert than in the previous three. What are your impressions of her?

I love Marilla. She seems a bit crusty at first, kind of stiff but that is understandable for an older woman who has never been around many children. I think that we can see she has a sense of humor as well in her trying to cover up smiles and laughs as Anne chatters away. I think she has a sense of duty as well. She is determined to bring Anne up to be a well behaved young lady even though she has no experience in doing so. 

2: Mrs. Rachel Lynde voices some strong opinions of Anne, and vice versa. What do you think of Mrs. Rachel's opinions? And what of Anne's reaction

Mrs. Rachel is a busybody for sure. I think a lot of people use the excuse that they are old so they have a right to say things that are hurtful to others without any repercussions. I think she was too harsh. No matter what she thought of Anne or anyone, it is just plain rude to tell them to their face that they are ugly etc. Not just rude, but hurtful and to me there is never an excuse to be hurtful. I can understand Anne's reaction even though I don't think that as a child she should be able to yell and stamp her foot at an adult. 

3: Upon hearing Mrs. Rachel's opinions, Anne lashes out with some bold statements of her own. What do you think of her reaction?

As Anne herself says later on in her apology what she said was true too, but it shouldn't have been said. I think that the job should have been Marilla's to correct Mrs. Rachel's behavior. Anne is passionate and untrained so of course her reaction is going to be over the top. 

 4: Anne of Green Gables is L.M. Montgomery's most known work, yet she's written more than 20 other novels, hundreds of poems and just as many essays. Have you ever read any of her other works?

I've read Emily of New Moon and The Blue Castle. I enjoyed both. I've read all of the Anne of Green Gables and Chronicles of Avonlea. Loved all of them! 

Quotes that I enjoyed in this section:

"There was scope for imagination here" 
I love this sentence that Anne uses a lot!

"Matthew is a most ridiculous man. I think he's lovely, said Anne reproachfully, He is so very sympathetic. He didn't mind how much I talked--he seemed to like it. I felt that he was a kindred spirit as soon as ever I saw him."
Love Anne's "kindred spirits"

"Isn't pink the most bewitching color in the world? I love it, but I can't wear it. Redheaded people can't wear pink, not even in imagination."
I know a lot of redheads who wear pink, but every time I see it I always think of Anne saying this!

"Marilla, she demanded presently, do you think that I shall ever have a bosom friend in Avonlea? A--a what kind of a friend? A bosom friend--an intimate friend, you know--a really kindred spirit to whom I can confide my inmost soul."
I love Anne's search and desire for her bosom friend!

Next week's discussion will be over chapters 13 through 21

Week 1 (June 1-2): Chapters 1-3
Week 2 (June 3-9): Chapters 4-12
Week 3 (June 10-16): Chapters 13-21
Week 4 (June 17-23): Chapters 22-30
Week 5 (June 24-30): Chapters 31-38

Hope you can join us. I think Anne is a lovely read and a quick read so it wouldn't be too hard to catch up.


  1. Lovely post, Julie. :) I love the quote about how bewitching the color pink is, because I feel the same way; it's my favorite. I'm glad you're having fun, because I am too.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Miranda!