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Anne of Green Gables Read Along Discussion Chapters 13-21

This is week 3 of the Read Along. I'm loving re-reading Anne of Green Gables. So many wonderful memories wrapped up in reading this book. And I just love Anne! Who could not love Anne? I love how she captivates so many people in the book. I love her exuberance and love of life even though she had such a rough start to her existence. These chapters covered oh so many adventures and mishaps in Anne's life. Head on over to Miranda's blog A Real Writer's Life and check out this weeks summary and questions. In the meantime here are my answers:

Discussion Questions:

1: If you were to base your judgment of Anne and Gilbert's relationship off of their first meeting, in which he calls her Carrots and she breaks a slate over his head, what would you say their future would be?
Don't you just love how impetuous Anne can be? And normally she can be so contrite when she does something wrong, but her poor little soul was insulted beyond her endurance this time around. Her hair is going to be the end of her! I think every time I read this book that I long for Anne to forgive Gilbert and get over her pique at him, but the rivalry is part of what makes the reading fun as well. When I first read Anne I hoped that they would get together since I was all about the romance. As an adult and after several readings I still feel the same way! Anne and Gilbert belong together that is all there is to it!

2: Do you feel like Mrs. Barry's judgment after the unfortunate tea party was fair?
Mrs. Barry is just rude! Of course she is upset about what happened to her daughter, but I think it went over the top and I also think she was more put out with what people would say about Diana and the Barry family. So embarrassment added to the whole affair. I think she is a stubborn woman without any "scope for imagination" and therefore she is a bit of a shrew! 

3: Do you find it very likely that Josephine Barry would take a liking to Anne?
Honestly I think once a person talks to Anne they have no choice but to like her. She is alive and sparkly and so sincere that it would be hard for a person to stay angry at her for very long. Plus she was brave to stand up to the old lady so I think that made Josephine Barry take note and admire Anne for that.

4: Why do you think that Anne was so taken with Mrs. Allan?
I think because Mrs. Allan may be the first adult who has treated Anne with respect and dignity. No exasperation. She met Anne's expectations as to what a minister's wife should be. She was loving and kind and one of those "kindred spirits" that Anne is always on the lookout for.

Favorite Quotes:
"Oh Marilla, looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them," exclaimed Anne.

"I am sorry to see a pupil of mine displaying such a temper and such a vindictive spirit," he said in a solemn tone, as if the mere fact of being a pupil of his ought to root out all evil passions from the hearts of small imperfect mortals.
Wasn't Mr. Phillips a jerk? I did not like him one bit and the way he treated Anne was just scandalous! 

"Anne had evidently made up her mind to hate Gilbert Blythe to the end of life."

"Marilla turned quickly away to hide her twitching face; but it was no use; she collapsed on the nearest chair and burst into such a hearty and unusual peal of laughter that Matthew, crossing the yard outside, halted in amazement. When had he heard Marilla laugh like that before?"
This story tickled me because Anne was sobbing because she had just imagined Diana married and moving away and having to say good-bye to her. So funny and Marilla giving the big belly laugh was the icing on the cake!

"There's such a lot of different Annes in me. I sometimes think that is why I'm such a troublesome person. If I was just the one Anne it would be ever so much more comfortable, but then it wouldn't be half so interesting."

"Marilla, isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"

Here's the rest of the schedule:

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If you are reading along leave a comment about how you are enjoying the story so far and also check out our host Miranda's post.

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