Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Will, A Way, and a Wedding by Melody Carlson

Just when Daphne thinks that she may be getting close to fulfilling her aunt's will Jake has some news that will put a crimp in her hopes and dreams. Daphne's aunt left everything to Daphne provided that Daphne marry within a year of her aunts death. That year is quickly coming to a close and Daphne still is not any closer to marrying than she was at the beginning. Through many dating mishaps Daphne has had in the last year for one reason or another only one man has captured her attention. Her lawyer Jake. But now it seems that just when they find they have feelings for each other circumstances will separate them and Daphne is back to the beginning of her search  or risking losing everything.

My Thoughts:

I've been a fan of the Dear Daphne series from the beginning and have been waiting for this last book for a long time! I loved the outcome of Daphne's story, but the twists and turns to get there were about ready to do me in! One of my favorite things about Daphne's character is that she is honest. Both with herself and with others. Even though she knows she will lose her home and everything else that her aunt left her if she doesn't marry, she is not willing to marry just for the money. No matter how much pressure her friend Sabrina puts on her, Daphne is unwilling to compromise there. Another thing I like is how helpful Daphne is. She's willing to sacrifice her time and energy for friends, family and anyone else in need. She's just an all-around nice person. And that is what makes the reader stay invested in the story and want the Happily Ever After for her. The rest of the cast of characters are fun as well. Jake her lawyer/love interest, Mabel her adopted daughter who loves life to the fullest now that she is safe with Daphne, and Sabrina her quirky well-meaning friend and neighbor who is always ready to help Daphne further her quest for marriage with suggestions for whom to date, and an open pocket-book to help Daphne look like a knock-out when she goes on her dates. Each character is blessed in one way or another by Daphne, and her life is made much richer in having such close friends to carry her through life's bumps. The Dear Daphne series provided many laughs and tender moments and I highly recommend it to my readers.

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  1. Melody Carlson was one of my favorites when I first fell in love with reading. I devoured her Y/A books. I haven't read many of her adult books, though I have read Finding Alice and that's been my favorite by her.

    Also, I tagged for The Birthstone Book Tag! :)

    Have a great day!

    1. I haven't read her YA books, I actually think that the Dear Daphne series is the only one that I have read of hers. Not sure...I'll have to check out Finding Alice.

      Well, I just went to Amazon and checked out her books. Turns out that Finding Alice is a bit pricey at $13.99 for Kindle so won't be getting that one yet. I've read a couple of her Christmas books, The Christmas Bus and Christmas at Harrington's. I have a few of her True Colors series on my Kindle so will have to give them a try as well.

      Thanks for tagging me on the Birthstone Book Tag. Will work on it later this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!