Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Crime and Poetry by Amanda Flower

Violet vowed 12 years ago to never return to her childhood home in Cascade Springs, New York. But she comes running when her grandmother calls implying that she is at the brink of death. Angry at her grandmother for tricking her Violet is set to run back to Chicago. The murder of her grandmother's special friend Benedict changes her plans, especially when her grandmother is the main suspect of the murder!

Violet believes that if she doesn't solve the murder that her grandmother will end up in jail. Violet has no trust for the police especially since one of them seems so sure that her grandmother is guilty.

Violet's grandmother has kept a couple of important secrets from her. One secret has to do with the bookstore that her grandmother owns and runs. Violet always knew that the bookstore was special, but she never knew that she and her grandmother were part of a legacy that has been in their family for a very long time.

The danger ramps up for Violet the more questions she asks. The dreamy Chief of Police, David Rainwater, warns Violet to leave the sleuthing to him, but of course she doesn't listen to him. Add to all of the danger Violet's high school sweetheart now turned mayor, the memories of what happened before she left Cascade Springs, a job offer for the local community college, a sassy crow named Faulkner, an escape artist cat named Emerson and a magical bookstore using Emily Dickinson poems to help her solve the murder and Violet begins to see that she may not be leaving Cascade Springs as soon as she would like.

I thought this was a great beginning to this new series! The mystery was solid and kept me guessing throughout. I loved the characters and am looking forward to seeing where the relationships go. I enjoy the author's use of animal characters to add humor to the story. Faulkner is so entertaining! I love the way Violet talks to him and Emerson as if they could understand her(I do the same thing with our cat!). I'm definitely liking the sparks that are firing between David Rainwater and Violet. I'll be looking forward to seeing what the next book in the series brings to Cascade Springs.


  1. I've never really read mysteries before, but that cover is so neat! I love the cat. :)

    I also wanted to let you know that you made my Top Ten Tuesday list! Thank you for coming by A Real Writer's Life and talking; it means a lot to me.


  2. Thanks for stopping by Miranda! You haven't read mysteries?! What?! ha! I love Amanda Flower's cozy mysteries. She always features a fun animal in her series. The cat on the cover resembles one of her cats that she affectionately calls "the editors" I would recommend her blog, facebook and definitely check out one of her novels. Thanks again for including me on your Top Ten list today :)