Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Home Of Her Own by Keli Gwyn

Becky Martin leaves Chicago and her abusive brother after he tries to frame her for arson. Arriving in California, Becky becomes the caretaker for James O'Brien's mother who is dying of cancer. James owns a local apple orchard which is the perfect place for Becky to hide from her brother.

With a tender heart Becky nurses James' mother while also caring for James. One of the last requests James' mom has for Becky is for her to stay on the orchard until James makes his peace with God. Becky still has a debt to pay to James, but she knows that she can't stay on the orchard forever. Sooner or later Becky's brother will find her, and Becky knows she must leave the man that she has grown to care for.

I love the setting of this story! Having been raised in California I have visited the apple farms near Placerville. I could envision exactly what James' farm looked like during harvest time. I also loved the characters in this story. Becky is such a sweet girl, stubborn too! I loved her desire to learn about James' apple orchard. James has a tough exterior, but he really is a tender/loving son and friend/boss. A Home Of Her Own is a sweet love story between Becky and James with a bit of suspense thrown in with the specter of Becky's brother looming in the background. If you have not read any of Keli Gwyn's books I highly recommend that you pick one up soon!

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  1. This sounds like an interesting read!

    1. I really have enjoyed all 3 of Keli Gwyn's books Miranda. They are historical romances and very well written. Have you read any of the Love Inspired line published by Harlequin? My favorite is the suspense line, but I have enjoyed Keli's historical books as well.