Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello Kitty!

I got these two super-cute books in the mail last week from Quirk Books!

The first one: Hello Kitty Crochet by Mei Li Lee is an Amigurumi pattern book for Hello Kitty and friends. Do NOT ask me how to pronounce Amigurumi because I have no clue! I have never made an Amigurumi stuffed toy before so I was eagerly looking forward to trying my hand at it. I thought it turned out very cute!

This is the front of the ballerina Hello Kitty. I used felt for the cheeks but the pattern called for using brads that you get to use with scrapbooking. I couldn't find the color pink I wanted so I settled for the felt.

This is the backside. I thought the tail was pretty stinkin cute! I think if I sat down and worked this project from start to finish it would have taken a couple of hours. The sewing together of course was the most tedious part of the project. I'm going to give this to my granddaughter for her birthday next month.

The second book: The Hello Kitty Baking Book by Michele Chen Chock is a bit more complicated for me. I love to bake, but the recipe's and projects in this book are a bit too advanced for me. The cookies, cupcakes, cakes and pies all look fabulous, but they also look difficult for the artistically challenged like myself! A lot of the projects require decorating tools that I don't have and do not wish to go out and acquire. All that to say that I didn't try any of the projects in the book, but again, they look fabulous and if you are an adventurous baker and love to decorate your cakes, cookies and such AND you love Hello Kitty then this is definitely a book that you should try.

Thanks to Quirk Books publishers for my copy of both books. All opinions are my own.