Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Plain Malice by Amanda Flower

When the people from a tour bus are visiting the Troyer's farm two people drop dead after drinking the fresh milk. Chloe is once again in the middle of a murder investigation. Coerced by Chief Rose to join the group as their new tour guide in order to keep all of the suspects in one place, Chloe must endure the cranky bus driver and disgruntled passengers in order to find out who the murderer is. 

I enjoyed the mystery of A PLAIN MALICE. There were several twists and turns as well as many misleads before the actual killer is found out. Chloe and Timothy's relationship has grown closer, but still has a few bumps to iron out. Chloe is an independent young woman and Timothy, being raised Amish, finds Chloe constantly fighting against his desire to protect her. Curt and his nasty friend also make an appearance in this book. Curt says he has turned over a new leaf, but his caring for Chloe and her inability to return the feelings may cause him to spiral once again. Hopefully we will see next book. So for a return to characters that I am fond of and an exciting mystery to go with those characters I enjoyed A PLAIN MALICE and look forward to the next installment of the Appleseed Creek mysteries.

Unfortunately I do have to mention that I think that the author lost her publisher for this book and so it didn't go through the editing process that a more traditional publishing route may have gone. A PLAIN MALICE reminded me of an unedited ARC copy which is something I am used to reading, but may be extremely distracting to others that are expecting a more polished book. 

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