Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dare to Love Again by Julie Lessman

Allie McClare has had her heart broken more than once so she has no time for another man in her life. Becoming a teacher in the new Hands of Hope school that she and her mother and cousin have opened for young girls living in the Barbary Coast of San Francisco, Allie strives for independence.

Nick Barone("long e") is a bitter young detective. Betrayed by his former debutante fiance' Nick has no patience for the likes of Allie McClare. Especially when upon meeting her she proceeds to hit him with her pointer! Not given a choice, Nick is assigned to protect Allie and teach her Jiu Jitsu as part of her becoming independent. As part of the contract Nick is forced to sign by Allie's Uncle Logan, he promises not to make any advances towards Allie. What "Mr. Cranky Pants" doesn't count on is how different Allie is from any woman of means he has ever known.

My Thoughts:
My new favorite Julie Lessman book!! This second book in The Heart of San Francisco series was amazing! Allie is such a sassy character. I absolutely loved her and Nick. I did send a message to Julie Lessman telling her that if I were Nick I would have taken the stick away from Allie and swatted her backside with it. She was such a stinker to begin with. So stubborn and naive about her safety in the Barbary Coast. But she was also very good in apologizing and being contrite. As with other books that Julie Lessman has written we always get secondary characters and returning characters stories as well. I can't wait to see what happens with Logan and Cait(Allie's Uncle and mother). They have had a bumpy road to get over, but they are so much in love with each other they are meant to be together. We also get to read more about Cassie and Jaime and their coming nuptials. I say this was my favorite Julie Lessman book, but I think I have said this after every book I have read by Julie! If you have never read a Julie Lessman book I highly recommend that you remedy that! Dare to Love Again is one of those books that had me laughing out loud and maybe, just maybe, shedding a little tear.

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    1. It is so worth it Rissi! Can't wait for you to read it and share your thoughts :)

    2. Oh, Jules, you sweet, sweet girl, you -- THANK YOU soooooooo much for the fab review -- it blesses the socks off of me, which is cold this time of year, but SO worth it!

      And, Rissi, I am anxious to see what you and Ganise think since this is the "sweetest" book I've written, so let me know, okay?

      Hugs and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    3. Awww Julie, you make it easy to write the fab reviews! Love your writing as always! Keep those socks on woman! It is too stinkin cold out there for sure!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :) Love it when you visit here!