Friday, December 9, 2011

The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson-Kindle

Christmas Valley capitalizes on it's name all year long. Every store and restaurant is Christmas themed. This year the local pastor and his wife who also run the Bed and Breakfast will sadly be alone. Their children are unable to come home for Christmas.

Inspired by one of her husbands sermons, Edith Ryan decides to open the Bed and Breakfast up to 5 people or families in need of a place to spend Christmas. Charles had preached about being hospitable because they never know when they may be entertaining angels unaware.

Pretty soon all 5 rooms in the Bed and Breakfast are filled up. One of the guests is cantankerous Myrtle. Myrtle seems to be ancient. She is "dropped off" in Christmas Valley and intends to spend 2 weeks at the Bed and Breakfast. Myrtle doesn't seem to know boundaries. She totally ignores the sign above Edith's kitchen that states "no guests beyond this point". She makes herself right at home. Myrtle has a tendency to make people angry also. Her and one of the church members butt heads instantaneously when Myrtle offers to "help" with the traditional Christmas pageant.

A young couple arrives in Christmas Valley. They are driving a broken down, very colorful bus. They are told to get it off the street. They try to get a room at the Bed and Breakfast but there are no more rooms left. Charles and Edith allow them to park their bus in front of the B&B for the night, little knowing that it will be for more than one night since the bus just broke down. Amy and Collin are so young and seem to be in desperate need of help. Not only has their bus broken down, but Amy is very pregnant.

Between Myrtle's shenanigans and worry over Amy and Collin, Edith and Charles have their hands full. Will they be able to make this Christmas special for their guests along with "entertaining an angel unaware"?

I thought this was a sweet Christmas read. It was entertaining as well as thought-provoking. I love the message of being hospitable to all because we may not know when we are entertaining angels unaware. Edith and Charles were perfect examples of two people caring for others no matter their circumstances. I may have to put this on my annual Christmas "read" list.

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