Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Accidental Bride by Denise Hunter

When they were just teenagers Shay and Travis planned to elope. Travis got cold feet and left Shay on the steps of the courthouse. He went to Texas to pursue his dream of being on the rodeo circuit and Shay went home in humiliation.

Fast forward fourteen years later. Shay is set to be the bride in the Founder's Day reenactment. What she doesn't count on is Travis coming back to town to take care of his parents' ranch, the ranch next door to hers. Shay and her daughter are just about to lose everything they have to debt.

Travis is coerced into being the groom for the reenactment ceremony. Both he and Shay are in for a big surprise when they find out that the ceremony was legal and binding! Travis has never gotten over Shay. He wants another chance to prove his love for her. He makes a deal with her. He will help her out financially if she gives him the chance to make up for leaving her so many years ago.

Shay agrees to the arrangement, but is determined to not let another man(or even the same man) hurt her again. The problem is that Travis is still attractive to her and causes her to have weak knees with his steamy kisses.

Will Travis be able to prove his love to Shay, or will he once more prove to be unreliable? And will Shay learn that she needs to only please God and not people?

I really enjoyed Shay and Travis's story! Shay's character was full of spark and sass and Travis was the ultimate hunky cowboy. A great romance with my much needed Happily Ever After ending!

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